June 30, 2016

The Ontario government has announced that it will spend up to $72 million in an anti-human trafficking strategy with four areas of action: Prevention and Community Supports, Enhanced Justice Sector Initiatives, Indigenous-Led Approaches, and Provincial Coordination and Leadership.

January- February, 2015
Ontario Council had two meetings at Queen's Park on Human Trafficking, the first January 22, 2015 with the Premier's Policy Advisors, and the second February 19, 2015 with the Attorney General Mme. Madeleine Meilleur and her policy advisors.

Ontario has the largest number of domestic human trafficking prosecutions (including commercial sexual exploitation, forced labour, forced marriage). Ontario is home to the majority of foreign human trafficking victims recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Currently Ontario has no Action Plan to combat Human Trafficking, whereas, BC, Alberta and Manitoba does. Ontario needs an Action Plan and a specific Office to Combat Trafficking that can co-ordinate Ontario's response to Human Trafficking.

The Premier's Office was very receptive to all of our requests. More effort will be required with the Attorney General. Priorities and funding are always an issue. Ontario Council appreciates the invitation to meet at Queen's Park and being given considerable time to make presentations and have these discussions.

November 21, 2014
Letter to Premier Wynne regarding Human Trafficking Action Plan

February 28, 2014
A letter was sent to Attorney General, the Hon. John Gerretsen, concerning human trafficking and prostitution in Ontario.