Formed in 1978, CFUW Ontario Council is a voluntary, self-funded, non-profit organization governed by a 13 member Executive Board. It is affiliated with the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) and Graduate Women International (GWI) and International Alliance of Women (IAW). Its members seek to improve public policy in education, status of women and girls, environment, human rights, peace and justice.


CFUW Ontario Council is committed to:

  • The pursuit of knowledge
  • The promotion of education
  • The improvement of the status of women and girls
  • An active participation in public affairs in a spirit of cooperation and friendship.

Ontario Council was created to:

  • To promote cooperation and facilitate communication of information and ideas among CFUW Clubs in Ontario.
  • To promote the policies and programmes of CFUW.
  • To encourage and initiate studies with respect to matters of a provincial nature.
  • To make representation to the appropriate provincial authorities consistent with Ontario Council policy.
  • To promote an understanding of provincial and national issues and their implications through dialogue among member Clubs.
SOURCE: Constitution and Bylaws, CFUW Ontario Council




Join a Club near where you live or work. Local Clubs offer their members opportunities to meet regularly to socialize, to learn and to contribute to their community. For a list of Clubs in alphabetical order by region Click Here.

Join CFUW as a:
Full Member

  • Any woman who supports the goals of CFUW is welcome to join.
  • CFUW member Clubs can be found in cities and towns across Ontario. Check to see if there is a Club in your area and contact them to become a member List of Clubs
Student Member
  • Women who are residents of Canada and students at a post secondary institution.
  • A student member is entitled to all privileges and responsibilities of being a full CFUW member but pays only fifty percent of club dues.
  • Students can also become members-at-large
For those women who do not live near a local CFUW Club become a Member-At-Large
  • Women who support the goals of CFUW
  • Members-at-large do not have voting privileges and cannot hold office
Applications to become a Member-at-large can be found on the National CFUW website

Please contact info@cfuwontcouncil.ca to learn more about Ontario Clubs.